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The cistern recording is officially out!

It's called Ascendant, and you can get it at Prefecture Records. This music was the result of a brief residency at Centrum in Port Townsend, Washington, with Greg Sinibaldi, in September 2011. We recorded in the Dan Harpole cistern, a two-million gallon concrete cylinder, originally built as an emergency water supply storage for soldiers stationed at Fort Worden. It's an incredible space -- 40 full countable seconds of reverb, very good to clarinets. We came up with some fantastic music.

We are indebted to Paul Kikuchi and Tiffany Lin for some great contributions to making this album a reality. Tiffany did all the design work, and I think it came out beautifully.

Here's a video of us in the cistern, playing a piece Greg wrote called Not Forever, Just For Now:


Crosstalk's album Here/Now is up on Bandcamp. I'm really happy with the way it turned out -- I still think this music is great. Here's an excerpt from a review (never mind that the reviewer likely didn't intend to review this particular album -- I'll take it!):

"...recalls in equal measure the sound of Messiaen's "Quartet for the End of Time" and the kind of pastoral rumination for which ECM Records was known in the '70s."

My album Vertigo is available at eMusic, iTunes, and at CDBaby, via Present Sounds!

More info on the music and the album here.

Other recording info :

Neil Welch's fantastic piece Sleeper is out on the Seattle label Tables and Chairs.

Andrew Boscardin's Zubatto Syndicate album is out on both vinyl and CD. I sadly had to miss the CD release party and I will miss playing with this group.

Tom Baker's recording of his most recent operatorio is fantastic. The piece is called Hunger -- it's a very moving portrait of the last days of Tamsen Donner, of the famous Donner party.

Other tidbits, no longer "news" but things I'm still proud of and happy about:

Tom Varner's album Heaven and Hell has been out on Omnitone for a while now. Great material, and some rave reviews are coming in!

Tom Baker Quartet's Save has been out since May 2009, and sounds great. You can check it out here. Here's part of a review from Peter Walton at Earshot Jazz:

"With SAVE the Tom Baker Quartet presents its complex vocabulary and musical logic while offering what is at times a transcendent musical experience. This release is a reminder of the enormous creativity and skill of these (to me) under-appreciated Seattle artists."

My album with William O. Smith (more info / buy it) is available on iTunes and eMusic! And check out the great review in The Clarinet:

"In all of the works contained on collage/décollage, extended techniques are part of a broader musical language and vision that transcends the unusual nature of the clarinet sounds. It is a CD that should be considered a must for any collection."